The Surprising Story of a Businessman’s Unexpected Leap into “Simple Awakening”

Starting in late 2012, Michael Linenberger unexpectedly discovered a deep and profound inner silence entering his life that grew stronger and stronger each day. From that silence, a fundamental set of life transformations emerged:

  • Work became easy, life became easy, and all striving ceased.
  • All fears and doubts disappeared.
  • Unconditional happiness—bliss—moved in.

Perhaps most important, a profound and accurate intuition took residence that began guiding his life to greater and greater achievements, both in his business and personal life. All these changes occured through something Michael calls simple awakening—which he feels everyone has the potential to achieve.

In an extraordinarily practical way, Michael tells the story of how, step by step, this amazing transformation unfolded over three years. Most important, he explains what awakening can mean to you: what it looks like, how you might cultivate it, and the many ways it could revolutionize your entire life.

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Simple Awakening: The Power of Inner Silence 
By Michael Linenberger
New Academy Publishers
Available online and at fine bookstores everywhere starting March, 2016

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ISBN-13:  978-0983364740
ISBN-10: 0983364745

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